Handover booked!

So we spoke with our site supervisor today who advised there were only a few small items to rectify and that we can book our handover for next Thursday 29th March. We have asked Porter Davis to recalculate our final invoice taking into account the liquidated damages for going 106 days over contract. This works…Read more Handover booked!


The window on the ground – Part 2

So doesn't look like our handover will be happening this week. The renderers finally came out to the house to fix the wall under the facade window (read the history here) and they have not done what was asked of them. Their task was to grind away the concrete bulges and then render the wall.…Read more The window on the ground – Part 2


So the renderers are supposed to fix the area under the front window by Monday. So we are meeting with our site supervisor on site Tuesday to ensure we are happy with all the defects being rectified and then we set a date for handover. I have had confirmation from our building co-ordinator that they…Read more Handover….maybe

Getting close to handover – New pictures

We went out to the site today to see where the trades were up to with the defects. There was still a few outstanding jobs so we are not sure if handover will take place as planned next Tuesday. There was a nice blue sky with some clouds which made for some interesting pictures.

The render debacle – Part 2

For those following the blog for a while you would have remembered the saga with our render mismatch. To read the previous blog on this see here. We are pleased to report we have finally reached an outcome that we are satisfied with. The render company originally said the colours would fade and match each…Read more The render debacle – Part 2

The window on the ground

One thing that I noticed after our PCI is that the front ground floor window moulding was touching the ground. This window moulding had only recently been added and was one of the last things done to the house. Here is a picture of our drawings which shows a section of rendered wall under the…Read more The window on the ground

Darbecca’s Final Inspection

So today we had our independent inspector from Darbecca go through the house for our final inspection. He spent over two hours in total, inside and out. In total there were 25 defects detected. 7 of these were still outstanding from previous build stages and still not rectified. Some of the defects include: The soil…Read more Darbecca’s Final Inspection