Some pics from out on site today. The waterproofing has been done.


Master ensuite with view out to portico


Master double shower with niche


Master toilet


Master bath


Master double vanity


Main bathroom


Main shower


Upstairs toilet


Guest room vanity


Guest room shower with niche

Plaster is in

We went out to the block today to see that the plaster walls had been put in. It is starting to look like a home. Here are all the pics I took.


Kitchen and lounge room


Formal lounge with fireplace provision and coffered ceiling


Closer shot of our coffered ceiling


Theatre room


Roof of theatre room with bulkhead


Kitchen and fridge space


Downstairs alfresco


Laundry with back door


Entry way


Garage with roller door to backyard on the right (we added 1m extension to the garage to create a zero boundary)


Roller door from garage to backyard


Upstairs void (one that temporary scaffolding is removed this will look down to living area below)


Guest room


Upstairs rumpus room with door to portico


Spare bedroom


Main bathroom


Linen closet outside master bedroom


Front spare bedroom


View from front spare bedroom


Parents retreat end of master with door to balcony


Master bedroom


Left master robe


Right master robe


Master ensuite with door to portico


Master ensuite shower with added niche


Upstairs portico


Master bedroom facing the front yard


View from master bedroom


Privacy glass which had to be added to master bedroom windows that overlook neighbour on side


Fireplace provision


From lounge room looking at dining room and kitchen


Front porch pillars


Front porch pillars


View from across the street

New Waldorf Grange display home

So I was excited to open my emails today to see news from my sales consultant that a new Waldorf Grange display home is opening this weekend in Doncaster. It will be very interesting to see it with a whole new interior, Lake Como style.

Doncaster Waldorf Grange

Edit to add: we are back from visiting the new display home. Here are some pics

Pre-Plaster Inspection

We had Darbecca back out on site again this week for the Pre-Plaster Inspection. Here are the defects that our inspector found that need to be rectified before the plaster can go in.

  1. I noted several sections to the sisalation paper (reflective insulation) that requires reinstating due to rips, tears and openings.
  2. I noted that the dwelling is not water tight with the following that have not been installed. • Flashings • Missing roofing sheets to Garage • Missing sisolation • Cladding. The dwelling must be water tight prior to installing any wall batts or plaster.
  3. The pre-plaster insulation installation has the following defects. • Areas of insulation have been installed over plumbing pipes and timbers. All need to be fitted in a manner that has the batts flat to the plaster backing. • No ceiling batts have been installed under the heater platform/walkway. • There has been excessively wide amount of ceiling insulation left out.
  4. External door flashing not installed. The timber access doorframes do not have polythene flashings installed under its bottom timber sill.
  5. I noted the lower staircase timber frame is showing out of alignment to the upper frame by about 20 mm. The alignment of these upper and lower walls is critical to present a flat wall of plaster along the staircase.
  6. The front timber beam to the balcony area have not been or bolted to the post supporting them using the required bolting method. The “angle brackets currently used do not comply with the AS1684 fixing method.
  7. A small number of window and door frames are presenting out of plumb in excess of the 4 mm over 2 m tolerance.
  8. The window reveals and door frames around the dwelling have not been packed as per the manufacturers installation requirements.
  9. Nogging is missing above bath hob. The bath hob requires noggins around the perimeter to support the plaster and metal waterproofing angle.
  10. The plumbing water pipes have not been secured with silicone at the frame penetrations. A silicon or simular material must be inserted into each hole to stop water hammer to the plastic pipes.
  11. The ducted heating air return does not currently present itself to been installed in a manner that is “Air Tight”. This will result in the air return passage being open to the roof space and external air being allowed to enter the dwelling at any time thus the star rating on the dwelling will be compromised. The air return must be sealed in a manner that seals the whole area from the roof space and allows the air intake to perform at its full intake volume without drawing from the roof space.

These along with the 14 outstanding defects from the previous frame inspection now need to be rectified before we can proceed. We have asked to meet on site with our site supervisor to discuss so that will take place at 11am tomorrow.

Frame re-inspection – 58% of defects not rectified

So today we had our pre-plaster inspection out on site. As part of this inspection Darbecca looked over all the previous defects from the frame inspection to ensure they had been completed. We have just been sent the results of the frame re-inspection where 14 of the 24 defects have not been rectified or not fully rectified. One additional defect could not be checked as it was not covered over and the inspector could not get access.

This is very disappointing as we held off paying the previous invoice and said we wanted all the defects rectified. We had been assured by the Porter Davis accounts department that they had liaised with our site supervisor and had confirmation from him that all defects had been rectified.
All the remaining defects from the frame re-inspection will be added into our pre-plaster report which we should receive later today.
We still have not met our site supervisor in person so I’m thinking now would be a good time to arrange a meeting out on site to clarify what their plan is in regards to ensuring all defects are rectified before moving forward onto the next stage of the build.
I will report back later in regards to the pre-plaster inspection and any new defects from today’s inspection.

Hebel, insulation and dado paneling plus lots of pics

So we headed out to the block on the weekend and took a lot of pics. 

We have just heard from our site supervisor that he will be ready for our next Darbecca inspection this coming Wednesday; the pre-plaster inspection. 

Darbecca will look over everything they picked up from the last inspection to make sure it has been rectified properly (the ones they can still see, some things have since been covered over). 

Changes since our last visit:

  • Some of the dado paneling has started to go in
  • Some of the external hebel panels have gone in. 
  • The wall insulation has started to go in. 
  • The cornices have been delivered
  • Selected windows and doors have been installed
  • Ducted heating installed
  • Rough in for plumbing and electrical
  • Shower bases have gone in

I will report back later this week after the next Darbecca inspection. 

The view from the second floor

We have a roof – and some defects rectified

Very exciting today to head out to the block and see that some of the windows and the roof have been added. It is really staring to take shape and look like a house. I am very pleased with our choice of roof now that I can see it in the flesh instead of just a small sample piece. We originally had Surfmist gutters, but changed these to Basalt to match the roof at the last minute. I am really glad we did this as when you stand closer tot he house you can’t actually see the roof, just the gutter and fascia and I like the gutter being dark as it adds a ‘frame’ around the top of the house from below.


Basalt roof and gutters with Surfmist edging.




Inside roof.

We were also able to see that some of the items that were on our Darbecca slab/frame inspection report (see previous blog) have been rectified. There are still more rectifications needed which should happen over the coming weeks.

Screenshot 2017-05-27 12.51.43

Before – Incorrect noggings. 

Screenshot 2017-05-27 12.51.20


After – further support added. 

Screenshot 2017-05-27 12.54.56

Before – Garage steel column before extra support added.


After – Added support under steel beam.

Screenshot 2017-05-27 12.55.07

Before – Gap under garage boundary frame.


After – With structural grout added.



Screenshot 2017-05-27 12.54.33

Before – Support missing under steel beam.


After – Rectified with grout added under steel beam.



Before – Missing supports.




After – Additional supports added.


View from back of house from the top floor.