Chrome Bathroom Accessories

One thing we said no to at our World of Style appointment was the option for Porter Davis to add the bathroom accessories. They had a small range to choose from and the prices were quite steep. We thought these items such as toilet roll holders and towel rails would be easy enough to install…Read more Chrome Bathroom Accessories


White balcony, mouldings on pillars and a range hood

Went out to the house yesterday to get some measurements as we are now getting to the pointy end of the build and are starting to look at things we need to purchase from the shops.

White Porch Pillars

We visited the house today to see the painters have been after the New Year. They have painted the front porch pillars Purist White. Next will be the balcony. I'm looking forward to seeing the facade complete as it has been 19 months since we made all our choices at World of Style.

Long Island facade nearly complete

So I popped back to the house this week to see how the facade looked with the whole bottom floor in Timeless Grey. I've waited 18 months to see if the colours we chose will match. I must say I breathed a sigh of relief that I was happy with the colours. Still waiting for…Read more Long Island facade nearly complete

Landscaping Design

So one of the conditions of our building permit was that the landscaping had to be complete within three months of getting the keys. Given that the house is getting close to being finished I thought we should get to work on the plan. Well today I met with Alisha, our landscape designer, on site…Read more Landscaping Design

Timeless Grey Render…Finally

So I have been waiting a very long time for the rest of our house to be rendered in our chosen colour, Timeless Grey. Our house was made out of Hebel and the panels have been sitting exposed to the elements for months. Some of the sections had discoloured as rain had splashed orange dirt…Read more Timeless Grey Render…Finally

The fence and subsequent gaps

So our neighbours on one side moved in a couple of weeks ago. (The block of land on the other side is still vacant and has actually just been sold from one owner to the next, so it will probably be a while before something happens there.) We agreed to get one of the boundary…Read more The fence and subsequent gaps