Replacement stairs and laminate flooring

Back in Feb 2016 when we walked through the display with our sales consultant we pointed out all the things we wanted. Our sales consultant had given us a printout of every upgrade int eh display home. This was a great way to do it as we could easily see what was and was not included and we went through the list with a fine tooth comb and ticked or crossed off what we did or didn’t want to upgrade.

So a little while ago our stairs were installed and we were surprised to see they were not the same as the ones in the Greenvale display home. They were curved, and had a different landing. Looking back at the drawings we could see a slight curve. But we never picked up on this originally as we were unaware that a curved version existed. We only discussed Option 2 with wrought iron and Option 5 upgrade to the wooden rails with our sales consultant. The description in our sales quote was exactly the same as the original upgrades list the sales consultant gave us before our walk through. Sadly it turns out we were not the only customers this happened to.

What we thought we were getting

What we got – curved handrail with an angled landing

New version installed November 2017

After some lengthy discussions with the Porter Davis management we came to an arrangement and the stairs were replaced with the version in the display home that we asked for.

Also new this week is the laminate floors that have been laid in the entrance, dining and void living areas.

The colour we chose was Rustic Stone from the Bolero range. It wasn’t exactly what we were looking for and if the budget allowed we would have gone for Oak and something a bit more grey rather than the creamy latte tones but there were very few choices. We hope it just blends in and we can make a real statement with our furniture pieces.

*The pictures are a little blurry as they were all taken through the glass windows or doors.

Laminate floor in void living area (looks darker from this angle)

Laminate floor in dining room. The lounge room in the background with the fireplace and coffered ceiling will be carpet

In this picture you can see the quad between the floor and the skirting board. We are tempted to paint this white so it blends in with the skirting board. Not sure what we would do around the island bench though.

Scaffolding has been removed from around the upstairs master bedroom balcony. It still needs to be painted Purist White

The land around our house is supposed to be graded and sloping away from the house so that water doesn’t pool. As you can see the rain is pushing the dirt onto the porch area. Rain is also flowing into the garage.

This hebel wall is still to be rendered in Timeless Grey. But you can see how the rain is splashing dirt onto the side of the house. This is another reason we chose a dark grey render colour as I noticed water stains on the Ashlite at the display home and didn’t want to have to paint it regularly.


5 thoughts on “Replacement stairs and laminate flooring

  1. Hi. So great to see that your house is coming together, it looks beautiful. After over two years (since sign up) it looks like we are about to receive our building permit. We noticed the wrong staircase on our plans some time ago, infact there where many mistakes on plans with each iteration. I’m just hoping that we’ve picked up things along the way. It’s good that Porter Davis have fixed your staircase and so they should! Please let me know if there anything we need to look out for. Just a few questions: What did you guys do in the void for lighting? Have you arranged a driveway? Did you arrange for a high speed Internet connection? When will you be in your new home, how long has the build taken? Thanks for your help.


    • Our contract will be up on Dec 12. We definitely will not be in by then so Porter Davis will end up having to pay us compensation. We had site scrape in March and at present our Site Supervisor hopes they will be finished by end of Jan. There will be a hold up after Christmas as trades take a break. We had a provision for a pendant in the void area and are looking at beaded chandeliers. I did a blog on this a while back. They are from South Africa. We are currently getting quotes for a driveway and a path around the house. Some concreters don’t want to quote us yet because we don’t have a handover date so it makes it tricky. Our estate has NBN and we’ve heard from other residents that the internet there is pretty good with a range of ISPs.


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