Paint Colours and Cabinets


Met the site supervisor out at the block today to go through the paint colours inside and out. As it turns out the colour we had selected from our lining boards was a Dulux colour, and Porter Davis are contracted to Wattyl for all their exterior colours.

We chose the colour because we had seen it on the display home in Bayswater and loved it. When we made all our colour selections at World of Style we were advised that anything that you see in a display home you were able to choose.

In the end the colour had to be made up by Wattyl to match the Dulux colour and as I drove up tot the house today I was happy with how it looked from the outside so it was a non-issue.

Our site supervisor also advised us that the white we were recommended by the Porter Davis interior designer, Wattyl White, was slightly translucent and even after three coats did not look to be a solid colour. He recommended we change all items that were previously listed as Wattyl White to Purest White which when mixed, has a touch of black in the mix to make it a strong bold colour. I agreed with the site supervisors suggestion and made the change.

The cabinets had been installed and it was the first time to see the Bleached Wenge with the Riven Finish other than the small sample from World of Style. I was very happy with how they looked and look forward to seeing them with the tiles around them. We will be installing all our bathroom mirrors after handover.


Kitchen cabinets are in. The one sitting on the far bench will eventually be above the fridge. 


Very happy with how our handle selection looks.


The additional laundry cupboards we got installed above the laundry bench. There will be a plaster bulkhead installed above. 


The drying room


Laundry cupboards below the trough. We didn’t get the profile doors in the laundry as they are very expensive. You can see in the top left corner that the bench is the wrong size and extends over the door frame. This is going to be replaced. 


Bleached Wenge cupboards with Riven finish (feels textured to the touch) in the guest ensuite


Bleached Wenge cabinets with Riven finish in main bathroom. We removed two ensuites from the original floor plan and added a main bath. 


Master ensuite cabinets, same as the kitchen. Pearl Grey Colourtech with door profiles. 


4 thoughts on “Paint Colours and Cabinets

  1. Looking good. It’s progressing nicely. Everything comes together very quick at that stage. Are the drying room shelves a custom layout? Ours are different from yours and different to what we expected.


  2. Looks great

    How much did you pay for the drying room and the additional cupboards in the laundry? What finish did you choose?

    Did you get the extras in the galley?


    • The additional laundry cupboards were $942 in natural finish. We thought if we didn’t add the cupboards there that area would have been wasted as not much else you can do with it. The drying room cost $763. We only have down below cupboards in the galley. We had colourtech finish in there which was very expensive so didn’t get any up too cupboards although would have liked to.


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