The void

One of the first things we fell in love with when we visited the Waldorf Grange display home in Greenvale was the void area with the 6 large windows at the back. This is the main feature that set the house apart from all the other designs. We could really picture ourselves sitting in the living area with the sun shining in drinking a tea and reading a book.


The display home looked particularly stunning because the view outside the windows was an above ground swimming pool with a glass wall, so you could see under the water. There was also an outdoor pool house with sitting area.

Pool house

Pool house 2

So the question for us is what on earth do we do landscaping wise in our backyard to create that same breathtaking look without the use of a pool. We will have 10m of land from the end of the house to the back fence. If you have any suggestions feel free to put them in the comments below.


We upgraded to six large fixed windows at the back of the house.

The other questions I have are what pendants should we hang from the ceiling above and what should we put on the side wall?



I fell in love with these large clay beaded pendants that are handmade by women in South Africa who are HIV affected.

Screenshot 2017-08-06 18.51.04

Screenshot 2017-08-06 18.49.12


5 thoughts on “The void

  1. Hi, love your Blog. We’re building the same house but it’s a knock down and rebuild and haven’t actually started as yet. We already have a Hamptons style gazebo on our property which will be close to the middle point of the void.

    How are you going with your independent building inspector? Would you recommend the company you have engaged and have you used them for all stages of the build? Thanks for your help.


    • We are very pleased with Darbecca, our independent building inspector. Their work is very high standard and the reports they give are extremely detailed. So far we have used them for all stages of the build and plan to continue that way. In the long run it is a small price to pay to ensure no defects that could cost a lot more down the track.


  2. Awesome blog. We are planning on building the Astor 49 which is similar to Waldorf grange but smaller. One concern that we had was how do we do heating/cooling in the family area considering the ceilings are two storey high.


    • We have double glazed windows and doors throughout the whole house so we have found when we’ve been at the house it has maintained quite a nice temperature inside regardless of whether it was very hot or cold outside. Having said that if, when we move in, we find that room is too hot or too cold on extreme temperature days we will just sit in the other lounge room which has a heating and cooling vent in the roof. We are also putting in a gas fireplace post handover.


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