Stairs and Lining Board

We visited the block today and saw that they have started on the staircase.



We added a doorway from the butler’s pantry to underneath the staircase to take advantage of the storage space.


The staircase at the Greenvale display home. We will be getting our painted in the same colours. 


The lining boards have gone in on the top section of the house. They are still to be painted in Champignon 1/4 strength as per the Bayside display home. The bottom floor will be rendered in Timeless Grey



5 thoughts on “Stairs and Lining Board

  1. Thanks for sharing.

    Is that the traditional 5 stairs…and the landing as standard?

    We contemplated getting the extended landing per the display but were worried about it narrowing the walkway through to the kitchen.

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    • Yes we upgraded to Traditional Stair Option 5 and also upgraded to balustrade looking out over the void on the other side in lieu of plaster dwarf wall. We didn’t even discuss the landing area with PD. They just drew the angled one onto our drawings and we never noticed. Did you get a price to extend it? In Feb this year we had to sign a letter to PD to say we understand the angled landing is a tripping hazard.


  2. Yes, it was $800 for “Madison 45 extended landing option” – but were worried that it encroached into the hallway too much (as in the display -the lounge is open, whereas we’ll have the wall).

    Um, what plaster dwarf wall?
    We are assuming that the balustrade runs right around along the top!! (the stair option catalogue had balustrade running right around — no wall in sight). The construction drawings only has a 300mm protrusion from the wall (garage external wall), but that’s it.


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