Frame re-inspection – 58% of defects not rectified

So today we had our pre-plaster inspection out on site. As part of this inspection Darbecca looked over all the previous defects from the frame inspection to ensure they had been completed. We have just been sent the results of the frame re-inspection where 14 of the 24 defects have not been rectified or not fully rectified. One additional defect could not be checked as it was not covered over and the inspector could not get access.

This is very disappointing as we held off paying the previous invoice and said we wanted all the defects rectified. We had been assured by the Porter Davis accounts department that they had liaised with our site supervisor and had confirmation from him that all defects had been rectified.
All the remaining defects from the frame re-inspection will be added into our pre-plaster report which we should receive later today.
We still have not met our site supervisor in person so I’m thinking now would be a good time to arrange a meeting out on site to clarify what their plan is in regards to ensuring all defects are rectified before moving forward onto the next stage of the build.
I will report back later in regards to the pre-plaster inspection and any new defects from today’s inspection.

One thought on “Frame re-inspection – 58% of defects not rectified

  1. Thanks for posting, very interested to read this whilst considering building a big
    house with PD. And a very worrying no. of significant defects, and concerning that a defect is now hidden from inspection. I am sure these issues will eventually be resolved but it doesn’t inspire confidence in PD.


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