Hebel, insulation and dado paneling plus lots of pics

So we headed out to the block on the weekend and took a lot of pics. 

We have just heard from our site supervisor that he will be ready for our next Darbecca inspection this coming Wednesday; the pre-plaster inspection. 

Darbecca will look over everything they picked up from the last inspection to make sure it has been rectified properly (the ones they can still see, some things have since been covered over). 

Changes since our last visit:

  • Some of the dado paneling has started to go in
  • Some of the external hebel panels have gone in. 
  • The wall insulation has started to go in. 
  • The cornices have been delivered
  • Selected windows and doors have been installed
  • Ducted heating installed
  • Rough in for plumbing and electrical
  • Shower bases have gone in

I will report back later this week after the next Darbecca inspection. 

The view from the second floor


3 thoughts on “Hebel, insulation and dado paneling plus lots of pics

  1. Hi mate, what Cornice did you select?

    And did you use boutique or standard windows? Were you able to select the type of window configuration for each?


    • The cornice is called Concerto. Windows were all standard however some of the facade windows had to have the bars removed to meet the estate guidelines. We changed theatre window to a sliding door and changed master ensuite window to a sliding door to portico. We upgraded to Boutique sliding doors to alfresco as per the display home. We also had to make all bedroom windows privacy glass as they looked at neighbouring properties.


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