Slab and Frame Inspection

So today we had Darbecca out on site to inspect the slab and frame before we proceed to the next stage. The detailed report came through this afternoon outlining 24 items that require rectification that were not in line with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The report was extremely thorough with pictures showing examples of each of the defects. Darbecca also highlighted the defects with red spray paint on site so that it was clear to the builders where the work needed to be done.

I will summarise the findings below:

  1. The dwellings slab footings has the opportunity to pool with water due to the way the block has been cut and the lack of back filling.
  2. The post support stirrups have been bolted to the posts using batten screws. As per the stirrup manufacturers installation guidelines this is not the accepted fixing practice.
  3. The vapour barrier installed has been allowed to fall down below the slab edge and has been covered by soil during the backfill process.
  4. There are a small amount of wall noggings that need to be installed or in parts reinstalled.
  5. It was noted that the dwellings intersecting wall blocking has not been nailed off with 2 nails at each block as per AS 1684.2, clause This defect is all through the dwellings intersecting wall block installations.
  6. It was noted a large number of jamb studs have been over notched as great as 50 mm in places. As per AS 1684.2, notching into a stud must be restricted to 20 mm.
  7. It appears the methods used to “laminate” double LVL materials are inadequate.
  8. The dwelling is presenting with many loose nut and bolt connections. It is critical that the builder ensure all structural connections are fastened.
  9. I noted a steel column near alfresco has been temporarily packed and will require installation of structural grout to provide full support.
  10. The frame overhang to the garage internal and structural steel column to front of garage needs to be supported in a manner that complies with As 1684.2, clause 6.3.3, and the BCA.
  11. It was noted the garage boundary wall has been temporarily packed due to a fault during placing concrete. It would appear concreters installed a rebate for Hebel in the wrong location. Sections present to be packed as great as 20 mm. I further noted a number of loose packers.
  12. The structural steel members to the dwelling have an amount of cut or welded sections with evidence of surface rust. Any steel, be it structural or finished product must be protected by the elements. That includes all steel within the frame area.
  13. I noted many of the double timber frame walls to the dwelling are not interconnected.
  14. I noted smart pan waste installed for the closet pans. The builder must clarify that the closet pans does not require screws fixed to the concrete floor as per the manufactures installation details. Furthermore, the builder must clarify there is sufficient concrete cover to support the closet pan with the current smart pan installation.
  15. A small number of the lintels over openings have been installed without jamb studs at the lintel end face. The jamb stud has a main purpose to stop twisting of the lintel.
  16. The intersecting wall junctions have not all been installed with the correct method of blocking.
  17. I noted some braced non loadbearing internal walls (3 kN/m or greater) to the ground floor of dwelling have no structural connections to restrain shear forces (no shear blocks or that alike). The builder will need to rework these sections to comply with section of AS 1684.2.
  18. I was able to detect a number of out of plumb walls on the dwelling that exceeded the allowance of 4 mm tolerance over 2 m.
  19. The steel column in garage presents out of plumb.
  20. AS 1684.2, clause calls for wall studs to have a continuous row of noggings. Noggings stiffen and support stud walls. Excessive gaps, or short noggings break the continuation of noggings and weaken the frames ability to resist racking forces. Poorly installed noggings can lead to stud movement resulting in cracks to plaster surfaces throughout the buildings life time. Further works are required.
  21. I noted one bolt is missing to sheet brace ‘S1’ located to the first-floor master ensuite.
  22. I detected several gaps presenting below bottom cords of trusses situated over designated load bearing walls. These sections require reworking/packing with non-compressible material in a manner that provides a straight ceiling line and carries the dead and live loads imposed upon roof structure to walls below.
  23. Several hoop iron straps present as loose and clearly fail to provide resistance against uplift forces. A number of straps require reworking, further providing flat surfaces for plaster lining.
  24. The concrete and timber floors to the dwelling have areas showing out of level as well as visible humps and dips. I checked every room in the dwelling and the out of level areas, highs and lows are clearly discernible.

We have emailed our site supervisor as well as our building co-ordinator asking for all defects to be rectified and for photographic evidence upon completion before we proceed to the next stage.


4 thoughts on “Slab and Frame Inspection

    • What is even funnier is that PD have their own inspector. I bet they didn’t pick up any of these.

      Some sound quite serious!


  1. I know it seems like a long list but that’s actually pretty good has your SS given a time frame? Also make sure you go yourself and inspect AFTER the supposed fixes are done! We had a few times where they said they were fixed and the chippie had actually missed them and ticked them off anyway…

    Just so you’re aware that pooling of water thing and site level one comes up every inspection report until the end when they actually rectify it.

    Also, am I to take it that they installed an LVL across the upstairs rumpus straight away, without being asked?

    P.s it’s looking amazing!! I’m so jealous of how your Slab supervisor slowed things down to ensure things are correct with the slab, I wish we had that!!


  2. We just had our Darbecca do our slab and frame inspection and there were 32 listed defects. At the end of the report, in red text, it said that this was above average and that they recommend a re-inspection. Did your report have the red text with the recommendation for re-inspection?


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