Mirror Mirror on the Wall

One of the ideas I had which I got from one of the Porter Davis display homes was to purchase all our bathroom mirrors externally rather than having the flat wall mirrors that come standard with the house.

Bathroom 2

Example of flat mirrors that come standard with the house

We asked for a credit back for the four bathroom mirrors and specified we wanted no mirrors installed. This was approximately $500 back.

So this week I spent some time researching different options for mirrors that we could purchase for these areas. We are still many months off needing to make these decisions and purchases but here is what we have so far.

For the master ensuite we have a double vanity so are thinking of two of these traditional corner framed wall mirrors in Champagne Chrome Silver from Mirror Mirror.

Champagne Chrome Silver Mirror Mirror

Master ensuite mirrors


Master wall colour, bench top, cupboards & floor tiles

We have also had the provision of two wall sconces above each mirror similar to what was in the display home as pictured below. Ensuite wall lights

For the powder room and guest ensuite we have a few round options:



Marakesh Temple & Webster

Marakesh wooden whitewash from Temple & Webster


Round Ikea

Stockholm walnut from Ikea

Round Provincial Living

Magnifique from Provincial Home Living

Round Temple & Webster

Hamptons mirror from Temple & Webster


Guest ensuite wall colour, cupboards, bench top and floor tile

For the main bathroom we have quite a narrow bench top as there is a shower on one side and the bath on the other so was thinking of something like this:

Oak Mirror

Villa oak mirror from Provincial Home Living

Whilst looking for bathroom mirrors I also stumbled across some large mirrors which I thought could go nicely above the fireplace in the lounge room. We have opted for a fire box to be built and will install the fireplace after handover as the setup that was in the display home was approx. $20,000 (eek).

Entry and Lounge

Fireplace and mirror as per display home


Heat & Glo SL-550 which we will have installed after handover

We can decide later down the track if we want to purchase a mantel separately and put around the fireplace.

Arched-Hamptons-Mirror-Temple and Webster

Arch mirror from Temple & Webster

Square panel mirror

Square panel mirror from Pottery Barn

Hamptons Arch Mirror



3 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall

  1. great idea and certainly looks awesome in the display home, and adds character to what would otherwise look like a very bland bathroom. I think I’ve seen that bathroom from porter Davis…Madison 45, which is what we’re looking at now, can’t afford the grange :/

    It will likely date over time though!

    Keep up the posts, love the updates.


  2. Everything looks amazing so far, we are in the planning process of building the Waldorf 44l in Berwick Waters. Land titles in Nov/Dec, which probably really means Jan/Feb these days.
    We are planning the fireplace in the lounge, how much cheaper was it to outsource? Secondly how much did Porter charge for the fireplace provisions?

    Thanks Jase


    • The brick box and provisions were about $2000. The Heat & Glo fireplace is around $5000 installed after handover. We were quoted around $20,000 by Porter Davis for the fireplace as per the display home which included all the surrounds and the mantle etc. We will toss up adding a mantle at a later date or whether we just add a floating shelf and a mirror. Much cheaper to do after handover.


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