Slab is in

So Thursday morning the concreters were out on the block before 7am to rectify all the items that Darbecca listed on their pre-pour inspection report. 

They took photographic evidence that the work was complete which they then sent through to Darbecca before proceeding to pour the slab. 

By 1pm the accounts department at Porter Davis were emailing me to say the slab was complete and that the invoice was due in 7 days. 

Here are some pics of the completed slab:

We now finish up with our slab supervisor and move on to our site supervisor. 


2 thoughts on “Slab is in

  1. It looks amazing!!! Now the wishing it would go quicker part starts!!! You will be amazed at how quickly you will have a frame, it took like 3 weeks for all of ours to go up!!

    I like how your slab actually sits in the ground, it makes it looks so much neater!! Ours sits proud of the ground and looks ugly!!

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  2. Yes our house will end up being about 70cm below street level so we will require a small retaining wall in the front garden design. I think they needed a fair bit of fill in the back section so there may be a bit of a drop there as the fall of the whole land front to back was 2mtrs.


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