Pre-pour inspection

Today our independent inspector from Darbecca went out to the site to do the pre-pour inspection. After receiving the report I am very pleased we have engaged their services.

Darbecca found 8 things that need to be rectified. The summary of each item is listed below.

  1. There are a number of areas at the perimeter, garage/house junction, porch and external corners of the property where the reinforcement mesh is sagging below the top 1/3 section of the slab.

  2. I noted sections of reinforcements requiring the installation of additional bar chairs to provide support. The builder must ensure bar chairs are spaced no greater than 800mm.

  3. A number of widened beams have been widened beyond the engineering design.

  4. As per the engineering the corner bars over the bored piers are required to installed.

  5. There are a number of areas where the reinforcement fabric is sitting on or touching the waffle pods.

  6. I noted a large amount of reinforced steel that has not been secured (tie wire or that alike) in a manner to prevent the reinforcement to move during the concrete pour.

  7. There are a number of areas where the pipes are touching the reinforcement mesh or within 20mm of touching the reinforcement mesh.

  8. I detected areas where the reinforcement trench mesh or steel bars are sitting or touching the vapour barrier.

With each of the items Darbecca produced photographic evidence and also marked with pink spray paint so that the builders could easily locate the areas that needed to be rectified.

Our next step is to formally notify Porter Davis that we would like these items rectified. We have recently been allocated a new Building Co-ordinator as our previous one has moved on to a different role and we do not yet have the email address of the new Building Co-ordinator so we will have to make a few phone calls in the morning.


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