Site start

So we heard from our building coordinator this afternoon that the site will be cut next Tuesday 21 March.

From there we are scheduled to have our slab poured on Wednesday 5 April. We have engaged the services of an independent inspector from Darbecca and they will do a pre-pour inspection the day before.

Porter Davis allocate us a slab supervisor who oversees the next few weeks and then they allocate us a site supervisor who will take us through the remainder of the build.

We are looking forward to driving out to the block over the coming months and seeing the build take shape.


2 thoughts on “Site start

  1. Hi there.

    From a quick read of your blog hiring an independent inspector was a wise choice. Did it cost much?

    I’m looking at same house design in Brisbane and a first time builder. Want to ensure we get the best outcome.



    • On average it was approx $500 per inspection, some more, some less. And you can choose to inspect each stage of the build. It’s a small price to pay compared to the cost of the house and important that the foundation and structure is of the highest quality to prevent having to spend money down the track on repairs. I would never build a house without one.


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