Preparing the site

Today we went out to the block to prepare it for our upcoming site start. The grass had gotten quite long and our building coordinator had asked us to have this attended to. Most builders require the grass to be no more than 10cm at the time of site start.


The long grass today prior to mowing


We collected all the rubbish that had blown onto the site


After. Ready for site start

We also noticed that some taps had been installed that weren’t there last weekend.


New taps installed

We are now ready to go!


4 thoughts on “Preparing the site

  1. Nice. Our block was all trim and tidy like that on day one. Then I noticed that our rear yard section had grown to around 30+cm of thick grass during the first month or so of building. I was told to leave it until after the build completes… It’s going to be very thick and overgrown by then.


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