We have council approval!

Today we finally received our stamped council approval after approx. seven weeks of back and forth tweaking and clarifying the plans. I have never been so excited to read:

“I refer to the above planning permit application and wish to advise that a permit has been granted.”

Some things that had come up as issues related to the height of the compulsory native trees and some retaining walls in the back yard. Once these were amended our permit was approved.

The planning permit came with the following conditions:

Screenshot 2017-03-03 17.25.54.png

Our builder had advised that everything was ready to go at their end as soon as the Planning Permit came through. So now we can press forward to the next stage.

We are hoping that we still might make it into the house before Christmas but won’t count our chickens before they hatch. If the journey so far is anything to go by all time frames are estimates and not worth getting your hopes up.


4 thoughts on “We have council approval!

      • Bloody PD!!! When we went to that stage the BC said they only send them on Friday… you should make waves and make them do it Monday!! (Assuming you can get onto your BC we can never, literally never, get onto ours anymore)


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