You can’t have those windows…..

One of the things that we fell in love with when we first saw the Waldorf Grange was the beautiful Long Island facade. Its Hamptons features, the windows, balcony and pillars was what compelled us to drive for over an hour to visit the display home.

After much ‘backing and forthing’ between Porter Davis and the Developer the message from the Developer was clear. You can’t have those windows!

The Developer sent through a photo of a house in the estate with some windows that they suggested we change ours to. The team at Porter Davis have since altered our window design and submitted the below option to the Developer for approval.


Modified window design


Original window design

We are quite disappointed with this outcome given that only a few streets away there are many traditional facades with decorative windows. These houses apparently fall outside the Grandvue Estate although there is no signage to distinguish where the estate starts and ends.

Now we wait and see what the Developer says. We are keen to move on and proceed with the build.


3 thoughts on “You can’t have those windows…..

  1. We built with porter Davis too. I’m sorry to hear you had issues. Unfortunately all volume builders have their ups and downs … 😞😞
    I love the Waldorf … such a huge house. We built a Vienna 21 .. 1/3 of the size of that hahah.
    I have one post regarding the house on my blog 🙂


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