Privacy please!

Another aspect of the Developer rejecting our initial plans was the fact that some of the upstairs sections of the house can overlook into neighbouring yards.

With this in mind Porter Davis have suggested selecting a different glass for all upstairs windows on sides of the house. We have selected White Cathedral from the options below.


Our upstairs portico also needed screening. The option here was to attach a privacy screen along the side of the portico. The screens Porter Davis use are ModWood which are 90% recycled material. ModWood products have been designed not to warp, crack or splinter under normal conditions, and require no sanding, sealing or painting for long term protection.

Each lineal metre of ModWood decking (137 x 23 mm board) contains approximately thirty seven recycled plastic milk bottles and almost two kilograms of reclaimed pine waste. The wood fibre used in the manufacturing process originates from AFS (Australian Forestry Standard) certified plantation grown, sustainably managed pine.

As our house is all grey and white tones we will most likely select from the Silver Gum colour range.

Screenshot 2016-12-12 14.44.57.png

Modified drawing of side of house showing ModWood screen to 1700 high


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