Developer responds to plans

So we finally heard back from the Developer yesterday after waiting for weeks for our plans to be approved.

They have asked us to make a number of changes before they will approve the design.

In an email from Porter Davis we were told:

Draftee is to confirm the following, so to let you know this is what we need to amended to appease the developer.

1.       Please confirm there is 20 x shrubs to the front garden by showing quantities.

2.       Require a min of 3 trees to the front and a min of 5 to the rear landscape plan.

3.       Input intended letterbox onto the landscape plan. Awaiting on BC re design.

4.       Master bedroom windows are in the overlooking zone and required to be screened. Please discuss with BC.

5.       Bed 3 & 4 are also in the overlooking zone ( the sill height must be at 1.7m above FFL – yours currently states 1.2m?)

6.       Also the terrace will be required to be screened to a height of 1.7m, I would advise inputting timber slats these can be transparent. Discuss with BC.

7.       Also with this facade there has been correspondence with Kelly with regards to the over traditional facade which was chosen, we have acknowledged that there are somewhat traditional facades in Grandvue but we have also requested from you that you amend the windows to perhaps similar to the attached picture.

We are now waiting on PD to provide us with our options regarding screen options for bedroom windows and terrace. Not sure what this will look like and what the additional costs may be.

We are disappointed that the facade has not been approved due to being “over traditional”. Our windows will need to have some bars removed. Waiting to see what PD will charge for custom design windows too.

In the picture below left each front window has two horizontal bars. The developers are suggesting we change it to the option displayed below right, only one horizontal bar.



5 thoughts on “Developer responds to plans

  1. All I can say is wow, that sucks!! I guess the window design won’t change the wow factor of the house…

    I also wouldn’t ask PD for custom windows… The windows they put in for us are aluminium and those “bars” are just stickers that are stuck across the windows to give the feel that they are solid… all they would have to do is remove the stickers when ordering them… technically it shouldn’t cost much at all!!

    Also the Chatswood facade appears to have the windows they are talking about so worst comes to worst you just ask for the chatswood facade windows…

    P.s I just had a look at your design guidelines and wow they are super strict on everything!!!

    P.p.s The only thing I can provide a ballpark price on is the overlooking issue we were charged $96 per window for the white cathedral obscure glass..

    Keep us all updated!! 🙂

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      • We too had overlooking issues building a Waldorf 48 in an established street. Cathedral glass to two windows (3 glass panels) and changing to small opening aluminum awning type windows instead of sliding was a bit under $400. The terrace privacy screen is quite expensive. We have a rendered dwarf wall to about 1000mm the mod wall (fixed timber screening) upto the 1700mm covering both side and rear aspects. This was the cheapest option at around $3500 for side and $2000 for rear or around $5500. Full mod wall timber screen is apparently around $7000 total for both screens.


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