House Plans

We recently had our Tender appointment with Porter Davis and received our latest house plans.

This gave us some insight as to how the house will sit on our block which is slightly sloped in two directions. The plan below shows how the land is slightly higher on the right side of the house and slightly lower on the left. We can now begin to plan the landscaping for the front garden with this in mind.

This is how our house currently sits in the block. Due to the slight slope and the house being double story we have been informed we will need to have a retaining wall built down one side of the property. This has added $8500 to our costs although our Bushfire Attack Levy was removed which was $7000.

Here are the plans for the bottom floor. We added a roller door to rear garage, removed wall and door to cloak room, changed store room to drying room, added door from pantry to under stairs, and changed window to sliding door off theatre.

Here are the plans for the first floor. We’ve removed two ensuites and added a main bathroom, added the linen closet, and added a door from ensuite to terrace.

There are still a few changes missing such as shelves and cupboards in laundry which aren’t yet on the plan. They should be updated before our contract appointment in August.

Here are our Kitchen  and Galley drawings:

Screenshot 2017-04-03 11.28.48Screenshot 2017-04-03 11.29.03Screenshot 2017-04-03 11.29.20Screenshot 2017-04-03 11.29.34


6 thoughts on “House Plans

  1. Hey,

    It looks amazing!!! We’re super jealous that we couldn’t add that ceiling in the lounge room, my wife would have loved it… Adam said it was about $6000 to add so we just left it out from the start… My wife also wanted the dado panneling in every room (like yours) however we opted to use that money to upgrade the stairs instead…

    A few questions:
    •The height of the door in the walk in pantry, appears they don’t have a height just a std 720 door opening, on our plans it states “height of door to be determined on site” (this statement is missing on your plans) so that they don’t just assume and put a str height door there…

    •Have you considered a cold water point behind fridge for possible future proofing, if you don’t need it now it’s ok, but it’s something that cannot be added later due to the slab area where the fridge space is.

    •No toilet roll holders/towel rails yes I know they are something that can be done afterwards but they were quite cheap through PD.

    •Have you considered a sliding door to the WIR/master ensuite or WIR/master? This will mean if you have a double storey across the road or trades working on the roof across the road they can’t see directly down into your bathroom from the front window. Conversely It also allows you to have privacy from the terrace door into your master bedroom.

    •Also is I notice that you have the dado panel along all the same areas as Greenvale except for the right hand bottom pillar in the lounge room, the panneling doesn’t appear to go around the corner into the dining area like it does in the Greenvale display, just wondering if you had a reason for that?
    (In this pic it is the top left corner)

    On another note I would love love love to see your final WoS selections! Could you please do a blog post about those of you get the time 🙂


    • Thanks for looking over the plans with your eagle eye, appreciate it.

      The plaster ceiling in lounge was $3355 + GST as we did not have the Grand Lounge option.

      They verbally said height of door in pantry to be worked out later but agree if it is not written in could go pear shaped so we will bring this up at contract.

      Toilet roll holders we will buy separately as I have specific ones I want from Early Settler. We prefer hooks to towel rails and I already have purchased them to go up in bathrooms to hold towels.

      I see your point about the sliding door to master. We do plan to put shutters on the master bedroom windows eventually. Also the land we are building on means we are on the higher end of the street with the land across the road having quite a considerable slope down. When a house goes up there once they are 5m or so back from curb they will be a fair way down the slope and not at a height to see in our bathroom even if we had no blinds. There is also a house already built at the back which is only single storey so I think we are good there.

      The dado on the pillar is a good pick up, I will raise this with the BC.

      Thanks for all your help.


  2. Hi, I have been following your blog with your build. It looks fantastic.
    A quick question about cloak room, how much did they quote you to remove wall and door?I’m building a Waldorf44 and your idea about cloak is great IMO. Also, any chance you could do a blog to share your electrical plan when you have time? It’s my first build and I’m quite worried about it already. I’ll have my 2nd WoS appointment this Thursday.

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • I actually asked them for credit to remove the wall and door. I pointed out that they would be using less supplies. They got it approved by management at Tender and it was applied as a credit. With our electrical plan we went very light on for the top floor as that can be changed down the track by an electrician. But the bottom floor we tried to add the right balance of down lights and power points without going overboard. I am also a big fan of lamps and mood lighting so was thinking if we didn’t add enough down lights you can add lamps down the track.


  3. Hi Waldorf,
    Could you share the cost of having open balustrade and also add dwarf door via pantry to Understair case storage? Thanks a lot


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