Long Island Facade

One of the features that made me fall in love with the Waldorf Grange in the first place was the Long Island facade. The feature bar windows, front pillars, the double front door and the upstairs balcony all really add to the Classic Hamptons look we are trying to achieve.


We decided we wanted our lining boards and render to be in a darker grey to what the display home had.

So last weekend we visited the Brookwater display home also by Porter Davis. We have decided to make the top half of our home Champignon 1/4 strength which is exactly what the Brookwater had. This allows for the white window frames  and balcony to pop against the grey lining boards.

Brookwater Gutters

We also like how the Brookwater home has white trim running under the gutter around the top of the house so we have requested this also.

We also wanted to add a row of windows to the top of our garage door. We decided the Stockford style would best compliment the facade so have requested the price from our building co-ordinator.


The front porch area will be tiled with the Simplicity Nero which is a dark grey/black tile similar to what was at the display home. This should be easy to keep clean and compliment the black bark we plan to use in the surrounding garden beds.




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