World of Style – Colour Selections

This week we had our two day World of Style colour selection appointments. We were able to lock in nearly all our our choices. There are only a couple of things we are still making up our mind on.


Kitchen we decided Pearl Grey colourtech cupboards with Satin finish, Colonial profile and Salemi knobs. We choose Lagoon bench on the island and Blanco Maple for the back bench and galley. Brick lay tiled splash-backs in Masia White.

Pearl Grey Cabinet

Salemi Knobs


Savelli Handles

Screenshot 2017-03-31 07.41.04

Masia Splashback

Splashback Galley

Island Bench Lagoon


We opted for the Neil Perry 2 X 60cm ovens, stovetop and range-hood  as the kitchen space is where we wanted to invest.


Laminate floors to most of the ground floor in Bolero Rustic Stone


Wall colour throughout in Southwards by Wattyl (as pictured below) with Concerto cornices

Curtain Pelmet

Carpet to all living and bedrooms we went for Lenton Brae Grey (Category 3) with the Stepmax underlay (Category 4) to reduce noise transmission.


Downstairs tiles to wet areas we went for Forest White

Forest White Tile Forest White 2

Floor tiles in the upstairs wet areas is Forest Grey

Forest Grey TileForest Grey Tile 2

For the main bathroom and guest room ensuite we chose Forest Grey floor tiles, Bleached Wenge cupboards with Riven finish and Blanco Maple Benchtops. For our master ensuite we choose Pearl Grey cabinets like in the kitchen.

Main Bathroom and guest ensuite colours

Bleached Wenge cabinetsBleached Wenge Riven Finish

We’ve asked for all bathroom wall mirrors to be left out so we can choose our own and hang them as per below. In our master ensuite we have also opted for the two wall light provisions for a future sconce.

Ensuite wall lights

External we chose Timeless Grey for the render, Basalt for the roof, Surfmist for the gutters, fascia and garage door. The lining boards are Champignon 1/4 strength which is the colour from the Bayside Brookwater display home. Windspray for the meter box. All pillars, balcony and window frames will be in white.

We have opted for the Expressowood ceiling panels in the porch and alfresco ceilings.


And the two PCL4G front doors as per below.

Front Doors

Window frames will be Pearl White Gloss aluminum by Stegbar.

We left our colour selection appointment feeling confident about our choices and excited about the next step.

(*Edited to add: By the time we got to painting stage our painter advised against Wattyl White saying that it was a semi translucent paint and recommended Purist White instead which we went with.)


8 thoughts on “World of Style – Colour Selections

  1. great selection, are you able to provide an estimate on upgrading your kitchen to colourtech? i also want colourtech and not sure how much we should be budgeting for it.


    • Hi Diana, it was about $7000 to change the kitchen to colourtech. This was the most expensive upgrade from our Kitchen Culture appointment. Other things like knobs/handles, bench, tiles etc were upgraded too but were all much cheaper to change.


    • Also keep in mind that a Galley is not part of the kitchen. Colourtech in our galley was about $1500 uograde. It’s very easy to spend your budget and then find out that the galley is separate. We were caught out a bit in a promo that included upgrades to the galley but only 2.5 meters of cabinetry. Fortunately it wasn’t too much but without promos it would add several thousand for colourtech, stone bench, doors, handles, drawers, runnners, soft close etc. With our promos (sieze the dream) the kitchen/galley upgrade to the same as the Waldorf 48 at Williams Landing was a little under $10000


    • Hi there, there are a range of factors that can vary the price of the island upgrade. It can depend on what inclusions and promotions you are already entitled to at the time. Our upgrade cost was $1519 for category 4 Lagoon to the island only in 40mm thickness however we then got a credit back because we did not go for a waterfall bench top which was included in the promo at the time. The credit was a part of a range of other credits and was not individually itemised so we don’t have the figure for the exact credit for removing the waterfall edges. Hope this helps.


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