Some new ideas

Yesterday we went for a drive to four new housing estates that we hadn’t been to previously. Because our colour selection appointment is just over two weeks away we thought we should try and get a more definite idea of what we wanted in advance.

Some things I saw that I thought could be a good addition to our house are:

  1. Individual mirrors above the sinks in each bathroom instead of the flat mirrors glued to the wall.

Mirror above sink

2) The full niche wall to wall in the master shower instead of one just in the middle of the wall.

Full niche

3) We really liked the colour and relaxed beachy style of these cupboard doors and thought they could work well in the other bathrooms. We are going for the Hamptons look throughout the whole house.

Cupboard option

4) Okay so this wasn’t a Porter Davis facade but it was a couple of houses down and I really liked the external colour scheme. We want a grey and white theme inside and out. We are definitely having white window frames and white pillars. I am hoping the Surfmist garage door in the Colourbond range shows up white enough to tie in.

Facade idea

5) I really liked the look of these exterior lights

Exterior lights

We also love the look of the plantation shutters but have heard it is a lot cheaper to get installed after handover so at this stage that is the plan.


6 thoughts on “Some new ideas

  1. I love it! It’s all so very American & traditional. We plan on doing our house this way too. Too many cookie cutter homes these days. Some really beautiful choices!


  2. Not a fan of the massive eaves in the house a few down from you. Seems massive (more than 600mm surely?), although would help with keeping heat out.


  3. Did you mention to the people with the other Waldorf grange blog that the specification document for the Waldorf grange display home was incorrect for the exterior colours? We too are building the Waldorf grange and are trying to replicate the display home but have based our external colours selected at WOS based on the specification document.


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